Below is a selection of my works. Please click the title of the work for more information and related materials.

Solo Piano Albums

Evening Chorus - piano EP (2014)

Evening Chorus is an EP of piano improvisations I recorded in the summer of 2014.

Shape In The Clouds - piano album (2011)

An album of original solo piano compositions, which received airplay on radio stations including BBC Radio 2 and coverage on international blogs including Lights And Music, which I was interviewed by.

Other Works

In A South Downs Way - string arrangements and piano (2016)

String arrangements and piano for In A South Downs Way, an album by British composer Damian Montagu. The Path Towards Tomorrow, the first single from the album reached number 1 on both the iTunes and Amazon classical singles chart in early 2016. The album, which is the first record from the Walk Upon England series, was released in June 2016 and features original poetry written and read by British actor Hugh Bonneville. It reached No. 1 in the Official Classical Chart on the week of its release.

In A South Downs Way

Classical No. 1

Fur Away - soundtrack (2015)

Soundtrack for Fur Away, an animated short film by Beatriz de Vinuesa, which has been screened at over ten film festivals internationally and nominated for a Royal Television Society Student Award. Co-composed with Giles Thomas.

Split - concert piece (2015)

Composition for violin, viola, cello and double bass, commissioned by Sinfonia Newydd and Tŷ Cerdd for Artes Mundi 6 and premiered at The Turner House Gallery, Penarth. More information about the compositional process behind the piece can be found here.

Artes Mundi 6


An Evening With Rudyard Kipling (2015) - soundtrack

Original musical setting of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘My Boy Jack’, commissioned for An Evening With Rudyard Kipling, directed by Philip Geddes and starring Sarah Parish, Jim Murray, Robert Hardy, Khalid Aziz and performed by Head North!. Full credits for performers on the ‘My Boy Jack’ recording can be found in the information on the track’s SoundCloud page.

Reflection - soundtrack (2015)

Music for Reflection, a short film directed by Brady Bonser, which was selected for Laguna Film Festival 2015. Co-composed with Giles Thomas.


Roommates - soundtrack (2015)

Original soundtrack for Roommates, a short film directed by Jonathan Mendoza. Co-composed with Giles Thomas.

Vogue Japan - soundtrack (2015)

Original music for a Vogue Japan film called Vive La Coquetterie, shot on location in Kent, UK, directed by London-based filmmaker Manos Ioannou and featuring Next model Molly Smith. Co-composed with Giles Thomas.

Aurélia - soundtrack (2014)

Original soundtrack for Aurélia, a short film directed by Jade Courtney Edwards, which won the official selection for Los Angeles Lift Off 2015. Read an interview with Jade about the film on Film Courage. The score was co-composed with Giles Thomas.

Irish Sports Council: Blackmark - soundtrack (2014)

Original piece, Apparition, which fellow Contour Chromatic composer Giles Thomas and I reworked for the Irish Sports Council’s #BlackMark campaign film, devised and produced by Atomic Sport.

Anti Doping | #Blackmark from Sport Ireland on Vimeo.


Science Museum: Collider Exhibition - soundtrack (2013)

Original soundtrack for the Science Museum’s 2013-2014 exhibition about CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. The video segments were created by the Olivier Award winning video designer Finn Ross and featured Sound Design and some additional music by Carolyn DowningThe exhibition was opened in November 2013 by Peter Higgs, Stephen Hawking and novelist Ian McEwan. Following its success in London, the exhibition has since began touring internationally until 2017. Co-composed with Giles Thomas.

Stop Kiss - soundtrack (2013)

Original score for Diana Son’s play Stop Kiss, staged by Libertine Productions and performed at the Leicester Square Theatre. Co-composed with Giles Thomas.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="250"] Stop Kiss, staged by Libertine Productions at the Leicester Square Theatre[/caption]


Pombero Skipping Song - orchestral concert piece (2013)

Composition for full orchestra, commissioned and performed by Sinfonia Newydd at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama‘s Dora Stoutzker Hall as part of Sinfonia Newydd’s Viva Sudamérica concert, alongside orchestral works by Alberto Ginastera and Arturo Márquez.


Fragments/Figures - concert piece (2012)

Original composition for 2 violas, a violin and 2 cellos, commissioned for Artes Mundi and performed by Sinfonia Newydd at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and the National Museum Wales, Cardiff. The piece took inspiration from Miriam Bäckström’s Artes Mundi prize-nominated work, Smile As If We Have Already Won. I was interviewed on BBC Radio Wales’s Art Show about this commission.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="448"] Smile As If We Have Already Won, by Miriam Bäckström[/caption]

Trees And Snow - concert piece (2012)

Original composition for oboe, piano and string quartet, commissioned and performed by Sinfonia Newydd at the National Museum Wales, Cardiff.