Welcome to my website! I’m a composer, arranger and musician from Hampshire, UK.

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Growing up in the Hampshire countryside, I began playing the piano at the age of six and, several years later, started writing my own compositions.

As well as composing for solo piano and a variety of commissioning ensembles, I have written scores for a number of films and theatre productions. My compositions, performances, songs and orchestrations have received airplay on stations including BBC Radio 2, 3, 4 and 6 and Classic FM, as well as finding their way to far flung corners of the world online via television shows and streaming playlists.

What moves me in music and what do I aim to create? The same things as have always moved me: great storytelling, strong, emotive melodies, rhythmic vitality and luscious, occasionally unpredictable harmonies.

This website is for my composition and arrangement work. For anything Sandtimer-related, please visit https://www.sandtimer.co.uk.