Hedda GablerIn collaboration with Giles Thomas, I composed the soundtrack for the Sherman Theatre‘s staging of Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler, directed by Chelsea Walker.

Writer: Henrik Ibsen (Translated by Brian Friel)
Director: Chelsea Walker
Set & Costume Designer: Rosanna Vize
Composers: Robert Sword & Giles Thomas
Lighting Designer: Joe Fletcher
Movement Director: Michela Meazza



“The music, by Giles Thomas and Robert Sword, provides an ominous undertone – a constant, thrumming pulse – as the tension builds”
The Stage – ★★★★


“With evocative lighting by Joseff Fletcher and music by Robert Sword and Giles Thomas, the stage often feels like it’s breathing. It’s a rich theatrical experience.”
The Guardian – ★★★★


“Director Chelsea Walker’s stunning production of this iconic play adds a stylish and modern sheen which contrasts with the haunting and surreal treatment of Hedda’s descent into madness.”
Western Mail – ★★★★★